Maxabel launches Cup For All Seasons inspired by Matisse art.

Maxabel International has launched a new “Cup For All Seasons” embossed double wall disposable paper cup with a design inspired by Matisse art. The design comprises layers of shapes and shades in a rainbow of different colours, each section representing a different season, so the cup can be used all year round and can be recycled in the right conditions.

Designer Jazmine Labana took her inspiration from the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition at London’s Tate Modern Museum. “Matisse’s The Parakeet and The Mermaid brought four seasons to mind because of the four colours in the mural,” she said. “The Snail by Matisse inspired the simple solid shapes. The Parakeet further inspired me to research the rare South American Sun Parakeet, which has four shades of colour. This made my vision of using four colours to represent four seasons even stronger.”

This striking design, which represents all four seasons, means the cup can be used throughout the year. The cup has an embossed paper wrap which eliminates the use of heat barrier sleeves. It is available in two sizes 8oz and 12oz.

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