What is Maxabel International doing to help our environment?

We produce a Triple-Layer Ribbed Paper Cup which is PE coated (Polyethylene). The coating is co-extruded on to the paper cup board which enables it to be heat-sealed against leakage.

We want to investigate how we can help the environment by preventing paper cups unnecessarily reaching a landfill site.

Maxabel became a member of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group which is now managed and coordinated by LRS Consultancy.

Originally set up as a special interest group, the PCRRG has during its time worked hard to increase recognition that used paper cups can provide high quality material to the market place and that there is a need to ensure that it is captured effectively for use in the supply chain.The Group’s primary objectives are to continue to drive action around the development of the collection and recycling opportunities for paper cups and identify and support implementation of solutions to sustainably transform used paper cups into a valuable resource.







Maxabel Press releases

News Release

Industry group formalised to drive recovery and recycling of paper cups

Stakeholders of the paper cup supply chain are pleased to announce the formalisation of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), which will be managed and coordinated by LRS Consultancy.




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Maxabel International has just joined Simply Cups, the UK’s dedicated paper cup recovery and recycling scheme. Simply Cups is a partnership formed between Closed Loop Environmental Solutions and Simply Waste Solutions that provides paper cup manufacturers, organisations operating in the supply chain as well as beverage and hospitality outlets with a cost-efficient collection and recycling service.




Maxabel is a member of the F.P.A. (Food Packaging Association). The FPA Environmental Committee, work closely with our industry to raise the profile of environmental issues. The FPAs mission is to:

  • Promote sustainable development through the promotion of improved environmental practices and performaces.
  • Raise the profile of environmental sustainability issues
  • Encourage the sharing of best practice
  • Recognise organisations that successfully contribute to environmental sustainability

Maxabel International believes that continuous improvements in raw material sourcing, process efficiency and waste management are core disciplines in achieving a better environment. We have a responsibility to our customers and our communities to invest in environmental, social and economic awareness.

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